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20 en 21 april 2017 SLEMinar over de 'Future of footwear manufacturing'

13 januari 2017

SLEMinars 2017
future footwear manufacturing

Will footwear come back to Europe and the USA through high-tech factories only operated by robots? Will in-store manufacturing of tailor-made shoes be the solution for brick and mortar retail? Will we be able to have computers and scanners simply generate the shoes we need so we can 3D print them at home?

On April 20 and 21, 2017 the Future Footwear Manufacturing Conference will take place at SLEM Waalwijk, The Netherlands. 

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How can we use computers to create entirely new materials?
Francis Bitonti, Founder of Studio Bitonti, will take us through the new possibilities of creating materials, such as 3D printing. His footwear clients include United Nude and Feetz. Bitonti’s work has been published in the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Museum of Arts and Design. 
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Will robots take over retail?
Terna Jibo, Head of Strategic Insights at Portland Design, offers tailored consumer insights and trends research for the retail, travel and leisure industries. During the SLEMinars he will talk about the future of retail.
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Most exciting line-up of speakers already!
  • Matt Powell, renowned sport business analyst involved in innovation projects for companies such as Adidas and Reebok
  • Francis Bitonti, his studio is pushing manufacturing to it material limits
  • Terna Jibo, responsible for the most ground breaking retail concepts in the world
  • Xiaoxi Shi, presenting the first fully 3D knitted footwear by JS Shoes
  • Lucy Beard, founder of Feetz the first company that sells fully 3D printed shoes online
  • Christian Decker, envisions a future where machines will play an integral part in the consumer experience
  • Sergio Dulio, will talk on the use of robotics in footwear manufacturing
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